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No matter your starting point, we'll work together to achieve your goals in an open, welcoming, supportive and protective environment that fosters a genuine sense of community

we don't care about where you came from

we care about where you're going

  • Maybe you're here because you're overweight and frustrated. You've tried everything and nothing seems to work
  • Maybe you're here because your GP told you that you're in danger of some serious health issues, and this has you scared
  • Maybe you're here because you just want to look in the mirror and feel better about yourself.



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Our Number 1 Focus

We'll tear down self-imposed barriers and guide you towards a level of health and wellness you never thought possible, no matter where you're starting from.

Whether your goal is fat loss, gaining muscle, or just improving your overall health, we'll work tirelessly to get you there.

Think of us as your trusted advisors; we'll support you throughout every stage of your journey to ensure you achieve the life-changing results you desire.

Goal Setting

We take the time to understand your ‘why’ and to get really clear on the goals you want to achieve

To guide our approach, we evaluate your sleep patterns, dietary habits, level of physical activity, stress levels, and more, to gain insight into what drives you and to assist in shaping your goals.

With a clear understanding of your desired outcomes, we create a results-oriented program specifically for you and create a concise roadmap to help you achieve your goals.


No matter your starting point, we'll meet you there and train you hard, smart and efficiently to get you to where you want to go.

We adopt a 'strength & conditioning' approach to training and as such we'll show you how to lift weights and perform exercises safely and effectively.

 Your personalised program is designed to be 'dense and intense' so that you don't end up wasting endless hours in the gym each week.

There are three spaces available for every one hour session. Session times are:

0630, 0745, 0900 & 1015 Monday to Friday

0800 & 0915 on Saturdays.


We don't do 'fad diets', crazy 'juice cleanses' or follow along with the latest hacks you see across social media!

Instead of these 'all-or-nothing' dieting approaches, we follow simple but proven nutrition principles with an emphasis on sustainability.

We then tailor our approach to you and your personal dietary preferences so that it can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. 

healthy habits

'Consistency beats intensity' and as such we focus on developing healthy lifestyle habits and behaviour change.

We will help you to learn and embed healthy habits across all four of our 'Performance Pillars' - Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery.

By focusing on these pillars, we will help you create a sustainable lifestyle that allows you to reach your wellness goals and maintain them.



Achieving your goals is a lot more fun when you're part of a crew that helps to keep you accountable.

Not only will we keep you focused on your goals whilst in the gym; we will continue to support you outside of it too

Through our My Coach app we track your progress across a number of metrics and can make data-led decisions to accelerate your progress; ensuring you achieve your goals.



If you’re looking to do Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Olympic Lifting or CrossFit then we are not for you.

We don't train people who enjoy beating the hell out of themselves and don’t feel like they’ve had a good workout unless they’re limping out of the gym! We want you to see results without being excessively drained or sore so that you can go about the rest of your day.

We don't train people who want a different workout every time they come to the gym. Switching it up every time can lead to stalling your progress so instead we focus on quality technique and being consistent whilst working towards getting you progressively stronger.


What CREW Members Say

An Investment For Life

Investing in your long-term health is the wisest choice you'll ever make. No matter your objectives or where you're starting from, we'll craft for you the ideal personal training program to not only help you achieve remarkable results but also equip you with the skills to maintain them for good.


£179 per month

One Session per week

Best for those looking to start a new habit of becoming more active each week


£279 per month

Two Sessions per week

Perfect for maintenance, improving overall strength and general fitness


  Best Value  

£379 per month

Three Sessions per week

For those wanting to make significant changes and achieve sustainable results

All PLANS include

  • Personalised Training Program
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Results Tracking
  • Coaching Accountability
  • Regular Progress Reviews
  • Community Support
  • Continuous Communication 

Minimum 3 month commitment. Four sessions per week is also available upon request. Frequency of sessions will be discussed and determined during your complimentary taster session

Frequently asked questions  

If you have any questions that are not covered below,  please get in touch and we'll come back to you as soon as we can

How do you group people together?

Groups are set to a maximum of three people and we group them based on the time and their schedules. If you want to come in at 9:00am, the masters swimmer wants to come in at 9:00am and a grandmother comes in at 9:00am, you’re all on different programs so It doesn’t matter. 


Do I lose one-on-one attention when working with others?

No, it just means that your coach has to work a bit harder! The sessions are structured so that everyone is working in fairly close proximity to one another. Your coach will then 'work the floor', coaching, guiding and supporting you throughout your workout.


Do results decrease compared to 1:2:1 training?

No, because the system of program design remains the same. Results actually increase because you get the added accountability and social support, which is vital.


Should I wait until I'm fitter before joining CREW?

Absolutely not! The sooner you start with us, the sooner we can get you working towards your goals. 

Why do you only run morning sessions?

Because the gym is simply too busy to effectively run CREW sessions in the evenings.


I don't want to train in a group. Do you offer 1:2:1 training?

Unfortunately not. In the future we may offer online training as solution for those that either wish to train on their own or can't make it to the morning sessions.


Do I need to become a member at Morden Leisure Centre in order to join CREW?

Yes - If you are currently not a member you can sign up here



We're based in Morden Leisure Centre - A state of the art facility overlooking Morden Park and a short walk from Morden tube and Morden South rail station.



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